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Shipping Policy

Is it possible for you to send things to a P.O. Box that I own?



We regret to inform you that it is impossible for us to deliver products to clients who do not have a physical address. We won't be able to deliver to your P.O. Box since we want a signed confirmation of how you received the item from our messenger service.



Do you deliver against State Laws?



We are a trustworthy organization (albeit not in the sense of Gerard Steward's 'Decent Resident'). As a result, we hold all state and federal laws in high regard. We carry products that are in compliance with state statutes and resolutions.


Consider the following scenario: I need to alter the delivery address or I provided the Wrong Transportation Address when submitting a Request.



Please contact us as soon as possible if you find yourself in any of the aforementioned situations. The activity that results will be determined by the amount of time that has passed since the request was made and the current stage of transportation.




How much time will it take to process my request?


Our Request Supervisory team has been tasked with responding to your request within a few hours (else they are made to pay attention to Rebecca Dark straight for 60 minutes). Furthermore, the length of time it takes to process your request is determined by your shipping address, the type of products you've ordered, and the delivery method you've chosen.


How long should I wait to see whether my arranged item will be accepted? has partnered with reputable delivery services to ensure that products are delivered quickly and safely. Although the exact delivery time depends on the mode of transportation you choose and the dispatching address you provide, we guarantee that we will deliver your item within 1-2 business days and that you will not have to wait more than 10 business days to get it. If you have ordered anything very substantial, the time window may be extended.


What do you use to transport items that are larger than usual? offers Curbside Delivery dispatch administrations to transport massive and unusually huge products.


From where do you send my Request? sends your ordered products from our fulfillment centers or from the distribution centers of our retail partners.


Why do I accept my Request, which I placed on as part of the bundle of an out and out another merchant/retailer?

Our goal at is to fulfill your purchases without having you second-guess the nature of the products. We may be able to fulfill your request by putting it with a section of our retail partner in this effort. However, we can assure you that this is done in a unique way to deliver your products at the appropriate price and on time.


My request was accompanied by a bargain receipt showing that the item's cost was less than what I paid. What makes you think that?


In order to fulfill your purchases, we occasionally employ the services of our retail partners that sell the same item for a cheaper price, resulting in a reduced receipt. You may look at the total and correct details of what you paid for your scheduled items by going to your Request History.