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What is the time limit for requesting a return or a substitution?


By and large, anything shipped from can be returned within 30 days after receipt of shipment. A few objects are linked to certain tactics or requirements.


Why are certain goods considered essential or non-refundable after only 7 or 14 days?


Because of the nature of certain products, they become essential or non-refundable sooner than other purchases with a 30-day substitution/discount cutoff time. It's a common practice among online sellers and shopping portals to shorten the return/swap deadline for outstanding products.

What kinds of things aren't returnable or refundable?



Non-returnable/non-refundable products include those that are deemed to contain or use hazardous material due to security concerns. Regardless of whether the material has drained out of the item, items that use flammable fluids or gases cannot be returned through the mail (s). Note: Some individual item(s) that are defined in their items (s) subtleties, such as wellness and individual consideration item(s), adornments item(s), some adult products, or fragrances and aromas, are additionally non-returnable.Additionally, changed products are non-returnable and non-refundable.


How would I return or exchange an item that has been agreed upon?


When you receive an item from dispatch administration, it is recommended that you inspect it. If you need to return something that isn't a substitute, contact (+1) 678 335 9119.


If your item is damaged, defective in some way, or is not the item as described in our advertisement, we provide a "Bother free Photograph Return Cycle" to expedite replacement. Here's the deal:


Take a digital photo of your harmed/imperfect/wrong item, as well as the steel trailer it arrived in (just if the bundle is likewise harmed).


Join your photos in an email and send them to us along with a brief description. Please use bright illumination and a close medium distance so that we can identify and confirm the problem (s).


We will provide you with the necessary return instructions, which may include a Return Mark or a shipment with an RMA number.


Are there any additional fees for returning or substituting an item?


If you receive an item that is harmed/damaged/wrong as depicted in the item description, there is no need to pay an additional payment.


How much time will it take to obtain the replacement?



At, we offer the most efficient plan of assault replacement approach. We make a request for a substitute in the customer's interest after receiving visual confirmation from the client for a harmed/damaged/wrong object.




Consider the following scenario: I no longer care about or require the thing.


If a request isn't damaged/imperfect/wrong, will provide a replacement. We do not, however, offer discounts on such goods. A restocking fee of up to 20% might be levied to the customer in the case of a substitute. The customer must also pay for return shipping charges in such a case.


What happens if I return an item for a replacement without getting clearance from

We take no responsibility for the safe transport of such products through our Distribution Center. We won't be able to track the goods, therefore we won't be liable for any substitutions or returns.

I used the address on the sale receipt/address mark that I received with my Request to send back the item? is not responsible for any unauthorized returns or substitutions. To return or replace an ordered product, we urge our customers to simply use the return name/address that we provide. is not responsible for any unauthorized returns or substitutions. To return or replace an arranged item, we urge our customers to simply use the return name/address that we provide.